Faisal qureshi drama list

The short-haired girl, Iqra Aziz has made audiences her fans through her acting skills. Iqra Aziz is a very hard working and successful actress of her generation, born on 24 November in a Sindhi family to Abdul Aziz and Aasiya Aziz. She lost her father at a very young age and lead a life full of struggles. First auditioned for a television commercial model, further picked by Citrus Talent Agency.

She was kidnapped on her wedding night. Aatir himself kidnapped his wife. To take revenge from her father. Drama is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. The first episode was broadcasted on May 30, It has 20 number of episodes. Shahryar has no interest in her. He applies for transfer from Karachi to the ancient city Sukkar.

Iqra Aziz and Noor Hassan in lead roles. Noor Hassan and Iqra are second time paired in this drama. The serial directed by Ali Hasaan and written by Sarwat Nazeer. The play is about the unexpected incidents of life. It is produced under the production banner of Moomal Productions. She has faced many hardships in life but still standing strong and not wishing ill for anyone. Usman Syed Jibran plays a negative role. As he burns his sister Iqra Jinaan Hussain alive in the name of honor.

She lives a sheltered life. Saba held deep respect Usman Bhai who she thought could not kill a fly. Now sees him in a different light. This top Pakistani drama not only ends with a powerful message. Drama is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and is written by Aliya Bukhari has received critical acclaim and is one of the most-watched dramas of Two sisters Arsala and Naeema are totally opposite from each other. Elder sister Arsala is a simple and trusting girl.To resolve your dilemma, we bring you a list of classic PTV dramas to watch or in some cases, revisit that cater to every possible mood you might be feeling in the coming days and weeks.

Read on, and trust us, you will not regret checking out these timeless shows. The drama is still being lauded for a progressive portrayal of independent women, something which present-day sob-a-minute serials can learn much from.

The drama like other cult classics received multiple reruns and still remains a treat to watch. Starring Atiqa Odho, Huma Nawab, Marina Khan, Noman Ijaz, and Sajid Hasan this social drama explored the different roles of women in our society at various levels and also emphasized the importance of family planning. Like most PTV dramas of the era, it was a simple yet impactful presentation of our society and its rampant issues.

The list is incomplete for 90s kids without this one of its kind TV series.

Faisal Qureshi Tv Shows

Despite its very apparent budget constraints, the show is a brilliant amalgamation of fantasy, sci-fi and real-life drama where kids are taught basic life lessons about the power of truth, kindness, and compassion. Following the titular character of Nastoor Jin and his adventures in the present-day world, it beautifully connects a parallel universe where a host other creatures join the fight the battle of good and evil.

With popular characters like Hamoon Jadugar, Zakoota Jin and Bill Batori, the drama is a perfect choice to revisit the nostalgia of childhood.

faisal qureshi drama list

Fun fact: Due to its cult-level popularity, a film adaptation of the show starring Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi is apparently in the works. Written by Mirza Athar Baig and directed by Haider Imam Rizvi with a cast comprising of Qazi Wajid, Qasim Jalali, and host of veteran actors from PTV, the show, despite being a hilarious laughter riot, is also very intelligently written and conceived political satire.

Set in the backdrop of the Mughal era, the drama actually satirizes the political and bureaucratic elite and how they exploit the poor while giving no heed to their sufferings. With an unconventional storyline that explored contemporary social issues of the society, the drama wins you over for its simplicity and depth. Fun fact: You can well imagine how classic this drama is by the fact that it was inducted as part of syllabi at various film and television academies like the one in Pune, India and even in Europe.

The drama was a modern-day adaptation of the eponymous classic Sindhi folktale. The play had a strong feminist streak in its storyline and highlighted the struggle of a lower class young girl who stands against the misogynist feudal society for her rights — and SPOILER ultimately succeeds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery.

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faisal qureshi drama list

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faisal qureshi drama list

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Message faisalqureshi on Allo by Google. Chat with faisalqureshi on SnapChat.Pakistani drama industry is blessed with the best. There are few really gifted actors who have through the years proved their credibility by choosing the projects they work in wisely.

While I was shortlisting names for this list, I realized that there are also those actors who have been around for decades yet there are only a handful of dramas starring them which can actually be termed as the best. Unfortunately, many of these talented actors have also often compromised on quality.

That is the reason why some of them have not exploited their potential to the maximum. Their best performances however are definitely worth watching. This list contains the names of those actors who have been in the drama industry for a really long time.

Aap Kay Liye Ep 01 - 12th July 2016 ARY Digital Drama

It is also like a recommendation list for all those drama buffs who have not watched some of these dramas yet. The suggestions given by the readers will add more names to the list and will definitely give me a few new dramas to watch too. Noman Ijaz has been part of so many amazing dramas that it is not easy to shortlist few good dramas from his long career.

Therefore, I added those dramas in which he played those characters which were unforgettable. All these dramas were well-written and executed. He is definitely the kind of actor who owns every single role he plays and never fails to impress the viewers. I wanted to add at least one drama in which he played a positive character but the fact is that he excels in playing negative roles.

There are however no similarities between these roles. Here are some of my favorite dramas starring Noman Ijaz. Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi — Dark, raw and powerful. Faisal Qureshi is another powerful actor who has been part of some superb dramas. I must say though that even now Faisal Qureshi has a lot to give to the industry because there are so many fronts which he has not explored. These four dramas starring Faysal Qureshi in leading roles are my favorite. I have a few recommendations from the readers which I will be watching soon.

Ahsan Khan has been part of many dramas but there was also a time when he did not choose the projects he worked in carefully. Therefore, he has also been part of some of the worst dramas we have seen on television. Thankfully, he has played the leading role in quite a few dramas that were entertaining and which also showcased his great acting skills. Ahsan Khan is much more selective now therefore some of his recent performances showed his versatility as an actor.

Imran Ashraf has been part of the Pakistani drama industry for a long time but it took him a lot of time to get recognition. Dillagi was the first drama in which Imran Ashraf got the chance to show his acting prowess.

In his other two dramas which are my all time favorites, Imran Ashraf played challenging characters. The fact is that Imran Ashraf can excel at playing the kind of roles that most actors would shy away from. Just like some other actors in this list, Imran Ashraf has also been part of many dramas which were anything but impressive. This was definitely one of the best performances Sami Khan gave. Sami Khan also has the ability to outshine in any role at all. He is an expert at bringing out the nuances of his characters through his performances.

He has also experimented with different roles in his career. There were definitely more hits than there were misses in his entire career.

Humayun Saeed started his acting career from dramas and since then he has come a long way. Although now he focuses more on films but every time he appears on the small screen, he makes his presence felt.

Therefore it is no surprise that he has managed to make such a big name for himself over the years.If India in dominating in the movie world in Asia than Pakistan has no comparison when it comes to dramas.

Best story plot, acting, music, and short episodes make the Pakistani dramas one of the best dramas in the world. We all are familiar with the Pakistani dramas trend and way of production and their story plot. These are short and most of the time ends in fifteen to twenty episodes or less than one year, unlike those silly Indian dramas that keep on airing even for seven years without any clear story and theme.

The reasons behind the success of Pakistani dramas are that these are mostly based on those Urdu novels that have been written by the renowned novelists and authors of Pakistan. If you are planning to watch the best Pakistani dramas, then bellows are those Pakistani dramas that are still popular because of the fine story line and production.

Faisal Qureshi is a renowned Pakistani actor who got popularity from his first film Saza. Later on, his popularity rocked double for his first lead role as Boota in Boota from Toba Tek Singh. He also appeared in a lot of dramas and some classic Pakistani movies as well. Qureshi is among those actors who have worked for the dramas of almost all leading TV channels in the country. Here is the list of top dramas of Faisal Qureshi that are worth to watch.

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Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published.The most famous name in the Pakistani industry is none other than Faisal Qureshi, whose performances have made audience spellbound. He has also left an amazing impression in representing our industry with lots of drama and by portraying the different roles.

Which drama is your favorite? No matter how strong the story of any dramas is, it is the performance of people that puts soul into any drama and Faisal Qureshi is one of those actors. The story revolves around the couple who loves each other, but due to some problems, Moiz Faisal Qureshi goes to overseas and this decision changed the life of his entire family. Do you think that any other actor was able to perform as brilliantly as Faisal did?

Perhaps not! A young couple living a happy life with four children, but suddenly met with an accident. This serial was full of emotional turmoil with lots of sacrificing.

The best climax, the story and the idea that have urged us to stick to this drama through out the months. Faisal Qureshi and Savera Nadeem shared the amazing chemistry along with their children. The wife met with an accident, become paralyzed and asks her divorced best friend to marry her husband. The dialogue delivery was at best. Faisal Qureshi has not left any stone unturned to impress us. With Mera Pehla Pyar, he shows the real joy of being in an emotional relationship and yes, no one forgets the first love ever.

One should learn through this drama, that where there is love, there is a way.

faisal qureshi drama list

We must say after watching this drama that some things are so pure that they outshine everything else present. The story about two generations and clashes between their thoughts, the conservative and the progressive, and how every character got a true lesson is all about this drama.

Faysal Qureshi (actor)

Other than the memorable performances of the actors and actresses, the OST of this drama is still a worth listening one. Moreover, the handsome and talented Faisal Qureshi was a true star in this drama along with Samiya Mumtaz. This drama was featured none other than incredible actors Faisal Qureshi and Ayeza Khan.

A girl who believes in a power of love, faces problems in her life by sacrificing. Faisal Qureshi did his best to play a negative role and thus, he won millions of hearts through his acting. The story, based on a girl, Maryam who loses her husband to a conniving girl and she wins the trust of her kids back through patience. The fabulous performances from Faisal Qureshi and Ayeza Khan made this serial stand out from the crowd. The theme of this drama is that hate only creates hate, and with the power of love, you can make people humane and loving.

His thunderous look, stylish wardrobe and the killer acting made this drama more successful. He played a rich and powerful man, but with a criminal background who wants to control everything around him and people are afraid of him. Although he is a handsome hunk, but this Bashar avatar will be the most memorable one as compared to all his looks.

Have you tried his beard style? Indeed a powerful personality! Comment below! Prev Article Next Article. Qaid E Tanhai No matter how strong the story of any dramas is, it is the performance of people that puts soul into any drama and Faisal Qureshi is one of those actors. Source: theprodesi. Source: Youtube. Source: pkdramas. Source: Facebook.Faisal Qureshi is a Pakistani television personality, actor, director, writer, drama producer and humorist.

Faisal Qureshi was born in Hyderabad, Sindh. His father was principal of Government City College, Hyderabad. Faisal attended early schooling in Lahore and graduated in graphic designing from National College of Arts.

Faisal wrote and acted in various plays and then became VJ by hosting a show Video Junction which was previously hosted by Hadiqa Kiani in He has also directed television commercials and music videos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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