Danmachi volume 14 spoilers

Refer to original post. Download here or try mobile-friendly links: Volume 13 or Mobile. Volume 14 of danmachi and volume 10 of sword oratoria are set to be released on October 29 unless they postpone it again,you have to wait until then.

Thanks for the book! You are probably pressing the wrong button, a fake advertisement button disguised to look like the download button, maybe?

Maybe try to download again? Unzip it with the correct password? Use another epub reader? I have already tried doing that by downloading it thrice, but on play book it shows as corrupt file. Ah you should be more specific about that. Google Play books are more difficult to handle because they are very strict with some aspects of the ebook file. WordPress Theme: Baskerville 2.

Refer to original post Download here or try mobile-friendly links: Volume 13 or Mobile Password: thatnovelcorner. Like this: Like Loading Volume 14 and 15 are both out.

Can we please have them??? Does anybody have vol 14 yet, or know where to get it. I can only find preorder. I have fixed it now, you can download it again! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.But, do you guys think that there is a specific reason as to why the author made it so that they fall into the 37th floor? I have a feeling that Bell might have to face Udaeus since that is the only reason I could think of as to why the author made him fall specifically to the 37th floor and it fits the timeline since Udaeus respawns after 3 months I think its been three months since Ais defeated?

So what do you guys think? Do you think that Bell will have to face Udaeus or not? And it is a long-range attack. Bell's major negative is that he is on the ground so would have to contend with the spartoi. Ais is faster with Aerial, but Bell can stay further away. Question is what shape is Ryuu in so Bell can charge up, and can she keep the spartoi and udaeus relatively busy? Or is she unable to fight due to the broken leg as Noah Heal may not be adequate for the healing broken bones.

The Udaeus theory is very feasible this is the same spot that Ais fought that monster to level to level 6 the question can Bell fight this monster as he is right now. I do remember that Ais was level 5 when she accomplished this feat, and also are the friends of Bell mobilizing to help him. You really think she will have enough energy to heal herself and Bell, and after all that be able to fight their way up?

Cause it seems like she is pretty exhausted already.

Sure Bell could team up with Ryuu but I think it is still impossible with Ryuu and Bell being tired and injured. Also, I don't think level 4 Bell is as strong as high level 5 Ais.

I dont know about you guys but i think it is neccesary for Bell to beat Udaeus at lvl 4. I think Bell will use the limit breaker again like he did against the Goliath in Volume 5. I know that we don't know much about this but i think Bell should be able to use this move more freely now because he is now able to use Argonaut more freely than before so maybe it's the same with the limit breaker.

Bell's Power & Stats Explained! How Does Levelling Work in DanMachi?

If i remember correctly, Udaeus is only spwaned in the room before entrance to 38th floor. Since Bell doesn't need to go down, there is no incentive for him to fight Udaeus. If Bell is going to overtake Ais, taking out Udaeus is reasonable though Ryuu situation affects things. If he is going to be the hero that defeats the black dragon, he also sort needs to be higher level. That would be at least 6 - which would be really more like 7 given his SS ratings adding up.The release date for DanMachi Season 2 has finally been confirmed to be coming up in !

Season 2 in North America. Additional details, including cast members and a video trailer, were released in March during AnimeJapan To put things in perspective, the first season of the DanMachi English dub came out about two years after the Japanese release in Unfortunately, Netflix U. Most of the main animation staff at studio J. Staff are returning for DanMachi Season 2. Hideki Shirane is writing the scripts, Shigeki Kimoto is the character designer, Jin Aketagawa is the sound director, and Keiji Inai is composing the music.

The theme song will be performed by Yuka Iguchi. The major change to the staff is the director. The new director has also been an episode director, storyboard writer, and key animator for popular anime such as Bleach, A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Naruto, Ninja Scroll, and many other anime.

This article provides everything that is known about DanMachi Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Sentai Filmworks is releasing the DanMachi movie in U. The special premiere screening is being held at Anime Expo The newest DanMachi character is the blue-haired goddess Artemis, who is the head of the Artemis Familia known for being a perfect shot with the bow.

This goddess is also known for her chastity and forbids romance within her familia. Anyone desiring to be in a relationship is required to quit the familia. Volume DanMachi Volume 14 is scheduled to release on August 20, There are two major spinoffs of the main story, with Familia Chronicle being comprised of only Episode Ryuu so far.

The more substantial spinoff, Sword Oratoria, focuses on the adventures of Ais Wallenstein and is already up to Volume The story has already received a single season anime adaptation that covered the first four books.

On the Side: Sword Oratoria. All three stories are being adapted into DanMachi manga series. The main story for the manga is being written by Omori himself and illustrated by Kunieda. As of January 22, the English translation and the Japanese version of the manga were both up to Volume 10, which ends with Chapter The ending of DanMachi Season 1 finished off in a climactic moment, with Bell Cranel using his special ability to overwhelm a goliath-level boss creature.

Episode 13 corresponds to the ending of DanMachi Volume 5, which partially explains why the wait for DanMachi Season 2 has been so long. Back in when the first season released, author Omori was only up to DanMachi Volume 8.

A year and a half later the books were already up to Volume 11, but the producers first focused on adapting the Sword Oratoria light novels and then creating the original movie. The good news is that there is plenty of source material for creating DanMachi Season 2 without resorting to filler episodes. English-only fans can already read ahead in the light novels right now and get an idea of what the second season will be like.

The bad news is the number of episodes. Season 2 will be a single-cour season composed of 12 episodes. However, the second half of Chapter 85 starts what will be the beginning of DanMachi Season 2.

The production of a sequel was announced in In early JuneWarner Bros. Staff officially confirmed that the exact DanMachi Season 2 release date is scheduled for July 12, Anime seems nice so far, though is it just me or They failed to mention in any way or form what is the utility of a Supporter in the episode?

By appearances all they did was pick up the stones on the floor so the Adventurer doesn't have to crouch down? By the title I can imagine such a type of character doing other stuff like healing, carrying equipment, potions, buffs and the like but they didn't say so, I think?

Except with less dying. At least he upgraded his equipment. The corpses don't always explode into dust immediately unless the magic stone is shattered I think. Supporters usually pull the carcasses aside and carve out the magic stone and any items in there. Or just loot any of it if they drop on the floor. Basically the adventurers can just focus on killing stuff instead of looting.

Hmm, I was under the impression that the "date" at the start was supposed to be, I dunno, longer. As someone who is reading the official novel translations I can tell you that the date and scenes related to it aw from an interlude while everything else is part of the main story of volume two. It's been horrendous since episode one. Anyone read the manga and want to tell me how that is? I dropped the anime after episode one because I felt it was a poor adaptation of the novel.

I haven't read the LN, so I don't know how the manga stacks up, but pacing-wise the manga seems fine to me. I personally don't know too much about Dan Machijust watched half of Ep 1—but I'd feel like to ask something very meta.

If I kept hearing Kirito's voice, I might have punched someone. Also, I always imagined Hestia as housewife-type lady. An tight fitting clothes wearing oppai loli Man, Hestia's acting a lot like a jealous wife And lastly, yeah, I don't have much trouble with pacing because I'm seeing this more as a slice of life anime, but there's really a lot of going on in each episode.

Still rushing, but not as much as before. Still, it's fairly obvious; quite a few scenes would've had more impact if they were dragged out a few seconds.

danmachi volume 14 spoilers

I'm not quite sure about some parts. So, Liliruka's used by Soma's familia to swindle other adventurers, or she's a Soma supporter that steals stuff from her fellows on the side? I don't think she steals stuff from them, but she does swipe stuff from people outside the familia to gather enough money to meet with Soma and get out of the familia.

DanMachi Volume 14

The people in her familia extort stuff from her to meet their own quotas so they can get a sip of wine. By the way, Yen Press seems to translate "Familia" as "Famiglia," but I think we should still use the former spelling.The DanMachi Season 3 release date has officially been announced to be coming up in the summer of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no ha Machigatteiru Darou ka? Season 3 will feel like a short battle to anime fans. See below for more details. One of the new characters was Ares, a character based on the Greek God of War.

Ares is the head of the Familia Rakia, a military country that often starts wars with other countries and cities.

Danmachi Volume 14 prediction

Ares was the big bad lurking in the background at the end of the second season, but in DanMachi Season 3 Dix Perdix brother of Barca Perdix will be the new main villain.

Another new god character is Ikelos. Other new adventurer characters include Alise Lovell and Gran. The DanMachi Season 3 anime trailer. Most of the main animation staff at studio J.

Staff returned for the second season, so it should not be surprising if DanMachi Season 3 will be the same. The biggest staff change in the first two seasons was the position of director.

The previous staff has been confirmed by the new March trailer to be returning for producing DanMachi Season 3. All of the previous Japanese voice cast will be returning. This article provides everything that is known about DanMachi Season 3 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Unfortunately, Netflix U. As of June 14,the books were up to Volume The main series has generated two major DanMachi spin-off stories. Familia Chronicle is limited to Episode Ryuu right now, although the author has discussed writing about more characters and groups in the future.

Written with a parallel timeline that begins before Bell is introduced, the Sword Oratoria light novel and manga series are already up to Volume 12 and Volume 14, respectively. The DanMachi manga series is adapting all three storylines.

The main story for the manga is being written by Omori himself and illustrated by Kunieda. Volume 10 was released back in Junebut the DanMachi manga is currently on hiatus as of September and fans are still eagerly awaiting Chapter Volume DanMachi Volume 14 is scheduled to release on October 29,while the English Volume 15 has not yet been announced. After all, Bell would not have been strong enough to defeat the stronger enemies contained in the film based on the power levels of the main timeline.Password Notices Trouble logging in?

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Its strange name causes excitement, a place to gain honour, and maybe even a romance with a pretty girl. Spoiler for Other Covers :. Spoiler for Personal Summary :. Starved for entertainment and bored out of their minds, pagan gods came down to medieval earth and started Familias. These gods would grant the human members of their Familia Grace, granting them [Status], basically game stats, in exchange for tributes and luxuries.

These adventurers make a living killing monsters in Dungeons with each monster they defeat granting them Excelia EXPwhich only gods can see. Gods can also perform a [Status Update] where they can make changes and improvements to the Status using Excelia. Note: Gods have sworn off use of their divine powers when they come down to earth and conveniently some of these gods which should be male are female. Our story follows young Bell, a rookie adventurer, who gets his but saved by Sword Princess Aizu Wallenstein in the Dungeon.

It's love at first sight and so he swears to climb the ranks so that he can one day stand beside her. He is the only member of his Familia led by Hestia, a rookie, big-chested, loli goddess.

Spoiler for Fight Mechanics :. Gods don't fight just so you know since it would spoil all their fun if they could use their godly powers. All adventurers have [Status], which as I said grants them stats similar to the ones you find in RPGs. There are stats for strength, speed, dexterity, magic, etc. These stats all start at I-0 and the number increases until 99, at which point the adventurer ranks up and the letter changes to H.

All adventurers start at Level 1 and you can only level up if you perform an action favored by the gods such as defeating an evil boss monster or something.

danmachi volume 14 spoilers

However, when you level up, all your stats reset to I-0, but the stats are also powered up depending on what they were before the level up. So it's much more advantageous to max out your current stats before leveling up. They can also develop their own skills. Some are common, but there are unique skills, which will have gods chasing you from one end of town to the next.

The Dungeon, a place where monsters mysteriously spawn completely skipping adolescence and right into adulthood. There are floors, which are designated as levels with the higher the level the deeper down you are and the harder the monsters with a boss monster guarding the door to the next floor.

Last edited by Flower; at Sounds kind of interesting.

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 14

Can't say I like the art much though. Originally Posted by Libros. Originally Posted by blackwhite Is the art on the OP the manga's? I didn't know that.

Anyway what's the MC like?In the Room of Prayer at the GuildOuranos sensed and mentioned that "it" had begun to act, looking down at the floor below him, prompting Fels to ask through an occulus if it was the Juggernaut. The God confirmed it, stating that it was heading lower and lower at incredible speed, and added that the Monster Rex had appeared in the City of Water. When asked what he was going to do, Ouranos stated that he'd send reinforcements, vowing to try every possible means even if it ended up being wasted effort.

At the Hostess of FertilityRyuu 's cup dropped to the floor, a piece cutting Syr 's finger in the process.

Seeing this, Syr left the pub through the back door, and AnyaChloe Rolloand Lunoire Faust complained that the gloomy mood was Ryuu's fault. Moments later, Hestia arrived, asking if they were best friends with the Elf, then asking if they were strong. Wondering what she was talking about, they asked her to explain herself, causing the Goddess to hand them the letter she'd received from Lili.

At the Hestia Familia home forge, Tsubaki noticed that a crack had appeared in the hammer she was using, wondering if she'd heated it up too much and whether she'd take the blame for it. Nevertheless, after muttering about it for a short while, she wondered if it was a sign of something bad happening. At that moment, Miach and Naaza arrived, asking her if she'd listen to their request.

At the 25th Floor, Cassandra reflected on her prophesying power, noting that no one had believed her until now, and even though she tried to fight against it, the world seemed to laugh at her by creating even more despair.

Upon seeing the adventurers, the Amphisbaena roared, its left head breathing blue flames at them which created steam as it passed over the water.

Aisha quickly order everyone to scatter; Welf grabbed Lili by her backpack, Aisha grabbed Haruhimeand Mikoto and Chigusa moved away as fast as they could. However, Cassandra failed to dodge in time, and was too far away for Daphne to save her in time, though fortunately Ouka protected her with his shield. As he pushed Cassandra away from him, he deflected the flames elsewhere, but the flames began to melt it, forcing him to abandon it.

The group was surprised to see that the blue flames were still burning on the water, as it was water resistant and would completely incinerate whatever it hit until nothing was left. While she contemplated on what to do, Aisha noticed that the other adventurers had run to the 24th Floor, cursing them but not blaming them, and wondered why the Amphisbaena had appeared so early.

She thought about having everyone retreat into the 26th Floor's labyrinth area, but there was also the danger of the Monster Rex using the waterways to appear there, and they wouldn't survive if they were ambushed in a corridor. As she thought about it, she noticed something rain down on them, and the group realized that shards of crystal were raining down from the ceiling. The dungeon seemed to respond to the Amphisbaena's roaring, the rain becoming harsher, and finally the giant root at the ceiling came falling down, causing Cassandra mention that it was the "cage of despair" part of her prophecy.

The root came crashing down on them, creating a dome like area where they were forced to face the Monster Rex in addition to blocking off all exits. Having no other choice, Aisha told the others to fight, though she knew it was impossible due to the others despairing over their situation. She almost mentioned that she wished Bell was there, becoming angry and embarrassed at herself for entertaining the thought, but noted that they no longer had a "pillar" like Bell to support them.

Nonetheless, despite lacking a "pillar", they had a "flame", and at that moment Welf composed himself and rallied the others. The others responded to his words and regained their will to fight, prompting Daphne to mention that they were too simple minded, nevertheless she also resolved herself to fight.

danmachi volume 14 spoilers

To begin, Haruhime began chanting Kokonoewith Welf using his ice magic sword to freeze the water around the Amphisbaena. Surprised at first, the Monster Rex responded by using its blue flame to melt the ice, creating smaller islands which Aisha used in conjunction with her Hell Kaios to distract it while Haruhime finished her chant. To protect itself, the right head breathed crimson mist around itself which diffused the magic as it passed through, lowering Hell Kaios' power to the point where it dealt no damage when it finally reached the Monster Rex.

She kept her last tail by her in case of emergency, as using all 5 at once would cause a mind down, and drank a magic potion to recover.

To finish with the buffs, Daphne used Raumure on herself to slightly raise her endurance and largely raise her agility. Welf, Mikoto, and Ouka attempted to attack, though they were quickly repelled by the Monster Rex swinging both of its heads. The right head tried to take out Mikoto, causing Daphne to save her, and upon attacking again, Ouka managed to get a hit in but the Amphisbaena's scales blocked his attack. In addition to diffusing magic, the mist acted as a curtain to make it harder to get the timing right, not to mention the water currents made it even harder.

To top it off, the Amphisbaena dived and tried to attack them from below, and that combined with its blue flames raising the temperature made it an extremely dangerous opponent. At the shore, Lili was confused about what she should do, overwhelmed by all of the information she had to take into account. Seeing this, Daphne told her that it was about "how you move the situation" rather than thinking "what you needed to do" before heading to help the others.

Making up her mind, Lili ordered Mikoto to fall back to replace Daphne's position and use Futsunomitama. The Amphisbaena tried to stop the concurrent chanting Mikoto, though the others prevented it from doing so, causing it to dive. As per Lili's orders, Mikoto used Futsunomitama over a wide area, succeeding in dropping the roof of the root dome on top of the Monster Rex.

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